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I CAN`T DO ANYTHING w/ 50 CENTS (Kitty Bad Ass,Broken,Ugly Truth,Fudge Daddy-Os,Blanket Of Ash) Computer Crime 1996 ccr 7 booklet USA tough CTHC sampler 3.00

I.H.O.P.[INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PUSSY] one more time... EP (5-song) New Lifeshark 1997 nlr 008 insert USA girlie style tough punk 3.50

ICE NINE stains of rage EP (6-songs) OR 1995 or-009 f/o ps USA weird HC hammer 3.5

IDEALS, THE high art! EP Wow 1982 wow 1 m/m superrare texas gem USA KBD style punk gem Offers

IDIOTS fools EP Beer City 1997 bcr071 f/o ps USA tough HC stormer 3.5

IDLE crack / several blues Drive 1993 drive 1 red wax,#29/1000 USA melodic buzzpoppunk 3

IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER burn one naked and nuke it EP (8-songs) Nuclear Blast 1986/89 nb025 m-/m- yellow glow wax,very limited USA ultimate hardcore headbanger from chicago 12

IN THE SHIT the fall of the damned EP (6-songs) Mass Productions 1999 mass013 insert FRA doomsday HC massacre 3.5

IN VAIN moss EP Youth Power 1995 yp 2 f/o ps,insert x2 USA pretty cool emocore 3.00

INDECISION / SHUTDOWN youth crew 1995 EP Back Ta Basics 1995 btb 3 insert USA Brooklyn SEHC killer 5.00

INEPT straight outta the dumpster EP (7-songs) A-Team 1996 at 2 f/o ps USA political 80`s style HC 3.5

INFA-RIOT the winner / school`s out Secret 1982 shh133 ex/ex UK original streetpunk/Oi! classic 15

INHUMAN existence EP Back Ta Basics 1996 btb 10 insert USA Negative Approach style 5.00

INHUMAN CONDITIONS support EP (5-songs) Amok 1990 amok 004 f/o ps GER strong fast HC 5.00

INKOMPLEX ikarus EP Plastic Bomb 1997 pb 015 insert,#d/500 GER political @narcho punk 3

INKOMPLEX das leben saugt EP (6-song) East Side 1998 east 006 f/o ps,#d/555,red wax GER great tough punkrock 3

INLAND EMPERORS, THE hey, hey, blake pirtle EP Bag Of Hammers 199? USA garage punkrock 4

INOPPOSITION final notice EP (8-song) Kiss The Goat 1999 ktgr 001 insert x2 USA an@rcho HCpunk 3.5

INSANE, THE el salvador EP No Future 1982 oi 10 ex+/ex+ great killer UK streetpunk classic 25

INSANIA caught red-handed EP Sot 1995 insert,red wax CZE weirdopunk 3

INSIGHT beyond the circle EP (5-song) Stand As One 1990 sao 002 500 made UK raging SEHC mayhem 5

INSTIGATORS the blood is on your hands EP Bluurg 1984 fish 6 ex/ex+ f/o ps,original UK rare political punkrock 30

INSURGENCY confused EP Heart First 1990 beat 002 insert USA rough ultra HC 5.00

INTENSIVE CARE cowards EP Punishment Block 1984 cell 1 ex+/m- UK rare mohawk HCpunk 30

INTENTIONAL WARS comp (Bolt, DDT,Organs Of Shose,Back Rush,Beasted Front) MCR 1994 mcr-075 f/o ps,ultra rough JAP Takamatsu city HC kills 10.00

INTERTERROR adios lili marleen / felices dias en auschwitz RS Editora 1983 rs-s-001 ex-/ex+ ultrarare SPAIN maybe the best punkrock single out from the toro country, amazing killer and comped on Bloodstains Across Spain & B.A.T World #3 200.00

INTESTINES life in a cardboard box EP Alternative Capitalists 1980 acs 001 ex+/m- comped on ENGLAD BELONGS TO ME #3 sampler UK great punkrock rarity 75.00

INVAASIO läpinäkyvää EP (6-songs) Free-Animals 1993 faep-03 ex+/ex+ insert,300 made FINLAND political hardcore statement 5

INVASORES DE CEREBROS guerra nas ruas EP (5-song) Desculpe Aturà-lo! 1996 insert BRA rough HC attack 10.00

IRON WORKS the priser 7"+6"flexiEP American Frequency 1990 af 02 m/m/m green/clear wax,insert USA tough gothic obscurity 5

IRON WORKS the priser 7"+6"flexiEP American Frequency 1990 af 02 m/m/m blue & clear wax USA tough gothic obscurity 5

IT`S ALL ABOUT... comp (Stand Up,Sleeping Body,Lazy Suzan,Phleg Camp)7"flexi EP Familyman 1992 8" ps,insert x2 USA noisy neo HC mayhem 2.50

ITCH, THE wigan to brighton / eye across the room Detour 1995 dr 035 prod. by J Pursey UK new Mod anthem 5.00

IVORY CAGE tv head EP Green 1995 insert ITA strong straight edge HC 3

IZUMO CITY HARDCORE comp (Complete Exclude,Dead Shall Rise,Forswear) MCR 1994 mcr-073 f/o ps JAP pure japcore hell 10.00

J CHURCH made life simple / what could I have done Dead Beat 1993 db 01 third single USA SF melody punk icons 5

J CHURCH she never leaves the neighborhood EP Dead Beat 1993 db 04 f/o ps USA strong melody punk 5

J CHURCH / LESS THAN JAKE split EP Dead Beat 1997 db 15 USA CA meets FL,great punk 5

J CHURCH / SERPICO sunset square EP Dead Beat 1994 db 07 f/o ps USA CA meets NY,punkpop 5

J-60 [welcome to]the beat club EP Detour 1998 dr063 UK scottish Mod beat group 5

JAILBAIT comp (Basement Brats,Boyz Nex` Door,Coronets,The Outsideinside) EP [4-songs] Demolition Derby 1995 dd021 500 made INTERNATIONAL very good punk n` roll sampler 5

JAM, THE in the city / takin` my love Polydor 1977 2058866 ex/ex+ 1st single UK pure modpunk anthem 15

JAM, THE all around the world / carnaby street Polydor 1977 2058903 ex-/ex+ UK modpunk anthem 15

JAMES PUHTO-REN on the road EP (7-song) Bassmania 1991 tik-5 insert,500 made FIN great Ramones punk 5

JARVIS HUMBY get on board my train / gwen stacy Detour 1997 dr058 howling organs UK northern Mods 5

JAY & MIRACLES sun / love takes me home AMT 1990 amts127 ex/m Lola Ego & Päät connections FINLAND powerpop 5

JEFF DAHL & THE REMAINS born to lose / all this & more Hurtin` 1996 hurtin 004 1000 made,japanese release USA/JAP `77 punkrock rules 10.00

JEKYLS, THE jigsaw / the man out of time Detour 1998 dr059 UK release FRA french Mods 5

JERKS, THE cool / cruisin` (again) Lightning 1978 gil 549 ex+/m- very rare 2nd UK great punk pearl 75.00

JERKY TURKEY enough! enough! enough! EP (6-song) Panx 1996 pp040 FRA fast melodic punk 3

JESUS JONES info freako / broken bones Food 1989 food 18 ex/ex UK buzznoisepop 2

JET BOYS, THE welcome to wild party EP (4-songs) Demolition Derby 1995 dd029 500 made JAPAN killer trash punkrock w/ GG Allin,Stooges & E.Cochran covers 4

JET BRONX & THE FORBIDDEN ain`t doin` nothin` / i can`t stand it Lightning 1977 lig 501 m-/m- ltd red wax UK rare punkrock 25

JET BRONX & THE FORBIDDEN ain`t doin` nothin` / i can`t stand it Lightning 1977 lig 501 ex+/m- UK classic punkrock rarity 20

JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS fake friends / coney island whitefish Smash 1983 tar18 vg/ex USA punknroll pearl 5

JOBBERNOWL static head EP (5-song) Recore 1991 rec-008 f/o ps USA punk attack from florida 2.5

JOE WORKER getta job / capitol hill Roundup 1995 red wax USA great geetar punk n` roll 2.5

JOHNNY & THE JUMPER CABLES death squad of the mind / landmine Stanton Park 1988 stp-008 m-/m- `83/84 recordings USA motor city punk kills 10

JOHNNY CONCRETE come with EP (5-song) Dandelion 1980 own 1 m-/m- superrare classic DEN BTF punrock pearl 80.00

JOHNNY SPUNKY my second coming EP (6-songs) Hiljaiset Levyt 1989 hiks-012 ex+/ex+ insert FINLAND a truly synth classic 10

JOLT old milwaukee / celeste Rhetoric 1997 rh 38 great USA melody punk/powerpop 5

JONATHAN RICHMAN / EARTHQUAKE, roadrunner / friday on my mind Beserkley 1975 b-5701 ex/ex USA proto punk classic 10

JONESTOWN sugar ship / eczema Project Bomb 1990 nr 18410-1 f/o ps,stickes,1500 made USA noisy weirdo punk 10.00

JONESTOWN you can`t swim with handcuffs on / recall... C/Z 1991 cz 031 USA noisy weirdo punk 10.00

JONNY RUBBISH living in nw3 4jr [anarchy in the u.k.] / other side UA 1978 up 36405 ex/m- even better than orig. UK killer "novelty" punk gem 40

JOOK, THE jook rule o.k. EP Chiswick 1978 sw30 ex/ex- rare original UK rockin` punk/powerpop 15

JOY DIVISION love will tear us apart EP (3-songs) Factory/Vivimusica 1980 vfact110-3 ex+/m unique portugese pressing UK post-punk/pre-gothic ultra classic 10

JUAN CARLOS love boat / the cumming song Casting Couch 199? ccr-002 very ltd USA heavy weirdo grunge 2

JUDGEMENT DISORDERLY / HÅLL KEFT, dra åt helvete EP MCR 1997 mcr-116 insert,11-song JAP/SWE ultra crust killer 8.00

JUICY SHOES / SEXYSUPERPORNOHARDCORE riot attitude EP Valium 1997 insert ITA good femme punk 5

JUMPIN LAND MINES creature features EP Black Hole 1996 ho-015 US release UK good new punkrock 3.5

JURASSIC PUNK brutt bastard EP Hated Youth 1998 hyr 002 orange wax,#d/678 ITA good new punkrock 5.00

K.G.B. die lady di EP Incognito 1997 inc.107 insert GER `77 pogo punkrock 5.00

KAAOS / CADGERS kytät on natsisikoja EP (8-songs) P Tuotanto 1981 ptep 01 ex+/ex+ Gigarare original 3rd pressing,150 made FINLAND cult hardcore slab 300.00

KAFKA black out EP (5-songs) No 1997 nr 001 insert ITA tight new school HC 5

KANGAROO-WICKED WITCH comp (The Eat,Blitz Babies,Lärm,Human Alert,Aftermath) Kangaroo/WW 1996 wk 007 f/o ps,blue wax INT great punkrock & HC 6.50

KANSANDEMOKRATIA populaatiot pois EP (12-songs) Maastopipo 1997 mpp.ep-001 poster ps,500 made FIN political crust killer 6.50

KAPTEENI PERKELE minä kiroan EP P Tuotanto 1995 ptep-06 insert,500 made FIN TK/Radiopuhelimet HC 5.00

KARANTEENI kaljupäinen gangsteri / vihaan john travoltaa Poko 1978 pis018 m-/m- a=no one is innocent,comped on Bloodstains Across Finland FINLAND megarare killer punkrock monster 100.00

KARANTEENI sid vicious / potilas x Poko 1979 pis 034 m-/m- 500 made,superrare FIN BTF#6 killerpunk 100.00

KARANTEENI haluan toimintaa / ei ole meillä mitään paikkaa Poko 1979 pis 036 m-/ex superrare classic FIN Pure pogo punkrock 75.00

KARANTEENI kuka valot sammutti / jabadabaduu! Poko 1982 pis 088 ex+/m- very rare last single FIN punkrock classic 55.00

KARI BOY SAARISTO satumaa EP (6-songs) Johanna 1979 jhnep106 ex/ex very limited FINLAND obscure new wave troubadour 15.00

KASVAIN onko suomi usattunut / ei oo paras päivä tänään Kyyhky-Levyt 1979 ex+/ex+ 200 made FIN megarare DIY punk gem Offers

KATASTROFIALUE nihilistinen kuolema EP (8-songs) Vicious Interference 1995 f/o ps,insert,US rel. FIN raw crust banger 5

KATASTROFIALUE vapaus on vankila EP (8-songs) Vicious Interference 1999 f/o ps,clear wax FIN fast political crust hell 5

KAUNEUS & TERVEYS pelko EP (6-songs) Balle Ramstedt 1984 m-/m- insert,300 made FIN very rare HC classic 40

KAUNEUS & TERVEYS pelko EP (6-songs) Balle Ramstedt 1984 m-/ex insert,300 made FIN pure DIY HC gem 30

KAUNEUS & TERVEYS kasvi EP (5-songs) Balle Ramstedt 1986 br-02 ex+/ex+ 300 made FIN great HC rarity 25

KAUNEUS & TERVEYS inhaa mätää EP (6-songs) P Tuotanto 1996 ptep-07 500 made FIN reform recordings 5

KEPONE 295 / phobic Alternative Tentacles 1994 virus 144 USA snotty vox punk basher 3

KHALMO visioni meccaniche EP (5-songs) Inaudito 1993 inaudito1.5 f/o ps ITA great fresh hardcore 3

KICKSTART bocion goes on EP Detour 1995 dro 24 english release ITA cool punk sounding Mods 5.00

KICKSTART that`s all right! EP Detour 1997 dr056 from pordenone ITA italian Mods 5.00

KIIMA apinoiden planeetta EP (14-songs) Revako 1989 vako-003 m/m f/o ps,sticker,500 made FINLAND insane drunkhardcore mayhem 20

KIIMA jatsia idiooteille EP (15-songs) Revako 1990 vako-005 m-/m- f/o ps,500 made FIN rare last record 20

KILL CITY secret smile EP Dionysus 1989 id074514 ex/m- fine splatter wax USA killer garage punk 5

KILL THE HIPPIES will not over stimulate EP (7-songs) Rock Action 1998 df045/rar booklet,3d ps,ltd of 200 USA future KBD punk gem 10.00

KILL THE HIPPIES shit covered hits EP (8-songs) Rock Action 1999 rar 005 500 made USA great punkrock blaster 6.50

KILLTOIDS / BLUE BLITZ hot-core dog EP Panx 1992 pp 018 insert FRA great melodic punkrock 3

KINA / DE CREW split EP (5-songs) Circus/Blu Bus 1996 circus 26 insert ITA melodic hardcore 6.00

KLAMYDIA heja grabbar EP (8-songs) Private 1989 klamydia-1 m-/m- megarare,438 made FIN brilliant punk gem 100.00

KLAMYDIA ...ja tauti leviää osa 2 EP (9-songs) Private 1989 m-/m- poster ps,700 made FIN rare melody punk 75.00

KLAMYDIA heppi keippi EP (9-songs) Private 1989 m-/m- poster ps,800 made FIN rare melody punk 70.00

KLAMYDIA lahja EP Kråklund 1992 kråkep 01 m-/ex+ rare & ltd xmas release FIN great punkrock slab 25

KLAMYDIA / DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE split EP (7-songs) Private 1990 m-/m- very limited FIN/GER rare punkrock wonder 40

KLARK KENT don`t care EP A&M 1978 ams 7376 ex/ex green wax UK pure powerpop classic 10

KLASSE KRIMINALE 1985-`95 orgoglio per le tue passioni 2x7"EP Knock-Out 1998 koep020 f/o ps,1000 made ITA legendary Italian skins 10

KNAVE bachelor / candy Detour 1996 dr 037 UK London Mod gang 5.00

KNAVE away / if you don`t love me Detour 1997 dr 055 strong hammond sound UK London Mods 5.00

KOHTALON LAPSET jäähyväis EP (5-songs) Private 1987 dbep-001 ex/ex+ poster ps,300 made FIN rare hardcore gem 30

KOHU-63 3 vuotta myöhemmin EP Poko 1986 pis 172 m/m 500 made,very rare FIN streetpunk legend 50.00

KOHU-63 tervetuloa jouluun / ottakaa joulupukki kiinni Wotan 1989 wotans 4 200 made,very rare FIN cult streetpunk 20.00

KOHU-63 hullabaloo 2x7"EP (5-songs) Wotan 1989 wotans 2-3 insert,500 made FIN killer HCpunk pearl 20.00

KOHU-63 viimeinen myyntipäivä EP (5-songs) Stay Free UG 1991 sf-ur 01 insert,300 made FIN rare HCpunk attack 20.00

KOLLAA KESTÄÄ musti, sotakoira / tähtien rauha Poko 1978 pis 004 m-/m- superrare FIN pure punkrock classic 100.00

KOLLAA KESTÄÄ kirjoituksia kellarista / kuumat raiteet Poko 1979 pis 029 m-/m- superrare classic FIN KBD punkrock pearl 100.00

KONSTRUKT / KITO portrait EP (8-songs) Hammerwerk 1995 abschrot 1 poster ps,blue wax AUSTRIA/UK raw noisy crustcore 5.00

KONSTRUKT / WASSERDICHT monuments from the past...EP (10-songs) Jay-Walk 1997 jay 002 f/o ps,insert AUSTRIA/SLO mega Crust headbanger 5.00

KRULL anguish EP (5-songs) New Wave 1989 nw031 insert,1100 made FRANCE rare punkrock stormer 10.00

KRYPTONICS she`s got germs / land that time forgot Easter 1986 motor city sound AUS tight garage punkrock 10.00

KSMB rövarnas visa / polsk zchlager MNW 1981 mnw69 nwps/ex+ not comped yet SWEDEN one of those killer punks from svea mammas land 40.00

KUOLEMA mölyä, perkele!!! EP (15-songs) Alternative Action 2002 a.a.045 insert,500 made FINLAND ultra brutal hardcore headbanger 5.00

KURBITS I.R. inget liv EP (13-songs) Really Fast 1996 rf 22 f/o ps,500 made SWE fast Crustcore mayhem 5.00

KURORT oslo EP Conspiracy 1996 core002 insert AUT catchy distorted punk 3

KYRE & DUUNARIT toka EP (9-songs) Hell`s Tone 2005 htr008 500 made,insert FINLAND rough killer punkrock blaster, mix between Maho Neitsyt and Antiseen with great Oi! touch 5.00

KYRE & DUUNARIT kolmas EP (7-songs) Hell`s Tone 2007 htr013 500 made,insert FINLAND rough killer punkrock blaster, mix between Maho Neitsyt and Antiseen with great Oi! touch 5.00

L.O.P., THE we of no property EP (5-songs) Channel 2 1998 ctr 002 booklet USA fast political punk 4.00

L7 shove / packin` a rod Sub Pop 1990 sp58 m-/m- green wa,3000 made USA rare great femme punker 30.00

L7 shove / fast Sub Pop 1990 sp 1/105 m-/m- German issue USA killer female punk 25.00

LA CRY the smell of culture EP Incognito 1994 inc.049 f/o ps,333 made GER pure pogo punkrock 4

LA SECTA still don`t feel / get out Planet Of Noise 1995 pon 005 1000 made,swedish release SPA great madrid punks 5

LAMA väliaikainen / ainoo lajissaan AAB-Tuotanto 1992 promo35 m-/ex+ promotional copy only,100 made,just few copies out with gigarare photocopy sleeve,1981 recordings FINLAND megarare punkrock classic 150.00

LANCASTER POO-POO PLATTER (No Ones Hero,Spirit Assembly,Brom Bones,Mystery City) Motherbox 1993 mb-002 f/o ps USA tight HC killer 5.00

LAST CALL summer days EP GMM 1997 u45882m f/o ps USA rollin streetpunk/oi! 5.00

LAST MAN STANDING unseen EP Smog Veil 1992 sv4 f/o ps,red wax USA melodic hardcore 5.00

LATEX GENERATION bored EP Motherbox 1994 mb-009 f/o ps USA great NY punkrock 4.00

LATEX GENERATION i killed the president EP Halo Zero 1995 fyp-001 f/o ps USA great melodic punk 4.00

LAZY SUNDAYS, THE dion sire`s game / it`s not a faded picture Detour 1996 dr 036 top hammond sound SPA 6T`s type girona Mods 5.00

L-DOPA burn EP Revolution Inside 1996 ri 17 f/o ps GER strong screamy emocore 2

LEAGUE OF STRUGGLE the nature of the pig is greed EP (6-songs) Puke & Vomit 2000 pnv4 f/o ps USA political crustcore hell 3.5

LEATHERSTRESS up to you EP Boring 1990 sex drive5 500 made FIN great HC killer 3.00

LEBENSREFORM licht + luft + leben EP (6-songs) Per Koro 1997 pk 016 f/o ps,booklet GER screamin` noisy HC 3

LEBENSREFORM retor EP (6-songs) Per Koro 1997 pk 021 booklet,insert GER noisy stompin` HC 3

LENNONS, THE blutorgie in der leichengrube EP Incognito 1990 inc.004 f/o ps GER great pogo punkrock 5.00

LES PARTISANS street gones EP Limo Life 1996 l.l.r 02 insert,#d/1000,sticker FRA `77 style punk storm 6.50

LIGHTNING BEAT-MAN / IN-SEKT, THE born bad EP (4-songs) Demolition Derby 1995 dd031 500 made SWITZERLAND/USA noisy garage punker 3.5

LIIMAPÄÄT joo joo EP Gabba 1992 gabba-02 very limited FIN great Ramo style punk 5.00

LIL BUNNIES (get out of my) bunnie hole / be kind to the animals Wrench 1998 wrench 13 their 2nd USA ultra noise punk basher 3

LIL BUNNIES unabunnie EP (5-songs) Wrench 1996 stunch 8 english release USA noisepoppunk weirdos 3

LIMECELL lager leeches EP Black Hole 1994 ho-006 USA blue collar streetpunk 5.00

LIMECELL just plain pissed! EP Ruff-Nite 1995 rnr 001 working class USA streetpunk heroes 5.00

LIMECELL / SAVAGE 3-D gingerbread man EP Ruff-Nite 1996 rnr-002 insert USA both rocks like hell 5.00

LITMUS GREEN mother-fuckin` messiah EP (5-songs) Mass Media 1992 mmr 7 poster ps,green wax USA political @narcho punk 4

LITTLE STEVEN & THE DISCIPLES OF SOUL solidarity / under the gun EMI America 1983 006-1867567 ex/m- Dutch pressing USA political punky rock 3

LOCKJAW radio call sign / the young ones Raw 1977 raw 8 m/m unplayed stock copy UK KBD style punk rarity,pre-THE CURE 50.00

LONDON summer of love EP (4-songs) MCA 1977 mca319 vg/ex+ label sleeve UK original punkrock classic 20

LOOK AT TOMORROW / NEIL SMITH pluck the power EP Tylyt-Levyt 1997 tyly-11 300 made FIN/USA raw scumpunk smasher 5.00

LOOSE PRICK mua potkitaan päähän / velton nimeen Poko 1979 pis 027 ex/ex- superrare 1st FIN BAF punkrock pearl 50.00

LOOSE PRICK meitä potkitaan päähän / velton nimeen Poko 1979 pis 027 ex+/m- comped on BLOODSTAINS ACROSS FINLAND sampler FIN great punkrock classic 75.00

LOOSE PRICK kaupunki EP Poko 1979 prick 046 ex/ex+ very rare classic FIN Great punk,their best 75.00

LOOSE PRICK yöt ympäri / lupaukset onnellisista lapsista Poko 1980 pis 049 ex/ex+ 500 made FIN melodic punk classic 40.00

LOOSE PRICK jäätynyt hymy / viimeinen tanssi kadulle Poko 1982 pis 098 ex-/ex- 500 made FIN melody punk,last 7" 30.00

LOS CINCOS spacezinger EP (5-songs) Demolition Derby 1995 dd033 500 made USA rockin` garage punk n` roller 3.5

LOS FLECHAZOS one more try EP Detour 1996 dr 043 SPA 6T`s infl. spainish Mods 5.00

LOSERS, THE / COITUS don`t wanna live EP Private 1993 f/o ps UK great rough punkrock 3

LOST MINDS, THE now i`m alone / you cry Detour 1995 dr 030 english release FRA psychedelic 6Ts type Mods 5.00

LOST MINDS, THE look yourself straight in the face / just a mask Detour 1996 dr 048 english only release FRA psychedelic Mods 5.00

LOUD, THE don`t laugh at me EP Campary 1991 c.r.015 green wax GER great melody punkrock 5.00

LOUDMOUTHS, THE / HOT ROD HONEYS split EP (6-songs) Wrench 2000 wrench 16 insert USA/BELGIUM great rockin` killer punk blaster 5.00

LOUIE kuljen ja kuljen / oravanpyörä Kräk 1980 kräks 18 ex/ex+ 300 made FIN rare melodic punk 30.00

LOWDOWN SHAKIN` CHILLS she-devil / i tried Hiljaiset Levyt 1991 hiks-029 500 made FIN street punk n` roll gem 5.00

LOVESICK disappear EP Smog Veil 1992 sv7 m/ex- f/o ps,clear wax USA cool emocore slab 5.00

LUCHS BROTHERS, THE hare krishna stomp / kill me i`m rotten (live) Incognito 1996 inc.056 #d/333,grey wax USA `77 KBD punk classic 10.00

LUCY really got me goin` / oy Lightning 1977 bcs0008 ex+/ex+ export press w/ ps UK ultrarare KBD punk w/ ps 100.00

LURKERS, THE ain`t got a clue / ooh ooh i love you / fulham fallout... Beggars Banquet 1978 beg 6/6½ m-/m-/m- gold flexi,autographed UK by all members!!!!! Offers

LURKERS, THE out in the dark EP Beggars Banquet 1979 beg 19 ex-/ex UK cool ramones style 10

LURKERS, THE i don`t need to tell her / pills / just 13 / countdown 2x7" Beggars Banquet 1979 back 3 ex/ex/ex ltd pack,g/f ps UK great punkrock gem 20

LURKERS, THE i don`t need to tell her / pills Beggars Banquet 1978 beg 9 ex/ex rare original,wos UK esso ps. killer punkrock 14

LURKERS, THE out in the dark EP Beggars Banquet 1979 beg 19 ex/ex rare original UK just like those others 13

LURKERS, THE new guitar in town / little ole wine drinker me Beggars Banquet 1979 beg 28 ex/ex+ rare original UK w/ BOYS honest john 14

LURKERS, THE this dirty town / wolf at the door Clay 1982 clay 12 ex+/vg+ w/ new singer UK pure pogo punkrock 10

LURKERS, THE frankenstein again / one man`s meat Clay 1983 clay 21 ex+/ex+ rare original UK pure punkrock 14

LURKERS, THE let`s dance now / midnight hour Clay 1984 clay 32 ex+/ex rare original UK melody punk gem 14

MARPLOTS, THE bomberterror EP Pogar 1985 pogar 11 ex+/m- superrare & very limited GER great punk killer from Berlin 60.00

M BLANKET seen it coming EP (5-songs) Slow To Burn 1993 stb 002 f/o ps,500 made CAN very good hardcore 5.00

M BLANKET safety EP Slow To Burn 1994 stb 006 insert,500 made CAN very good hardcore 5.00

M n` M s` i`m tired / knock knock knock Quark 1979 void 1 m/m original 1st pressing USA BTF melody punk gem 50.00

M.D.M. (MERE DEAD MEN) laced up mary EP Weird 1997 weird 11 one of the best new UK great catchy `77 punk 5.00

M.F.D. cease & desist EP (5-songs) Crowbar 1989 m-/m- #170/300 USA rare DC punkrock 10

M.F.D. storm EP Old World/D.S.I. 1989 m-/ex+ insert USA rollin` punk blaster 8

M.V.D. stagnation of thinking-more power... EP (6-songs) Rödel 1992 rr-04 f/o ps GER `80s swedish HC type 4.00

MAASEUDUN TULEVAISUUS agrikulture EP (5-songs) Hiljaiset Levyt 1987 hiks-003 m-/m- insert,green wax FIN rare punkrock gem 20

MACHTWORT arme schweine EP East Side 1998 east 013 f/o ps,#d/555,white wax GER fucking great punkrock 4.00

MAD, THE eyeball / I hate music Disgusting 1979 ss-781 ex+/ex+ insert USA ultrarare original punkrock killer 750.00

MAD AS ADAM some onion / you`re gonna eat my broken heart Trent Bridge 1994 tbr001 poster ps UK melodic punk 3.50

MAD DADDYS / RIK SLAVE & THE PHANTOMS hanky panky / prostitute Pure Vinyl 1995 pv 003 red wax,sticker,750 made USA kicks ass garage punkrock 5.00

MAD DADDYS / TRASH MAVERICKS pretty thing / I can tell Pure Vinyl 1995 pv 002 brown wax,sticker,750 made USA great garage punkrock,a real rocker! 5.00

MAD 3 / THE SATELLITERS split EP (4-songs) Rockin` Bones 2001 ron005 500 made JAPAN/USA high fuel kick ass punknroll blaster 4

MAFIA 1. EP (16-songs) Darklands 1989 candy 5 m/m insert,#87/300 FIN ultrafast Crust/HC 20.00

MAGIC SPLATTERS, THE blamage EP Adrenaline 1994 ar 004 insert,#d/500 FRA pure `77 style punk 5.00

MAHO NEITSYT tehdaskaupungin lapset EP (3-songs) Maho Neitsyt 1983 mn02 m/m 300 made,liquir store bag ps w/ sticker FINLAND megarare drunkpunkrock classic in unique condition 250.00

MAHO NEITSYT fuck party live ämy 1985 EP (7-songs) Alternative Action 1990 a.a.008 600 made FIN pure drunkpunk killer 20.00

MAIMED FOR LIFE trash recepticles EP (6-songs) V.I. 1985 mppa7102 ex+/ex+ very limited USA rare HC attack 30

MAJESTIC FOUR / SMOL anarchy EP MCR 1997 mcr-110 f/o ps JAP/SWE fast crustcore battle 7.00

MALACHI KRUNCH / MAGGOT from the craddle to the grave EP (5-songs) Stinky Twinkie Co. 1993 stc002.5 f/o ps,500 made USA very raw HCpunk slab 5.00

MALONEY`S TOUCH don`t kill us EP (4-songs) Rave Up 2001 rug-02 500 made USA 1979 nyc punkrock monster,ex-Arthur`s Dilemma 6.00

MAMA & THE DARKBREAKERS jesus saved my soul EP Maho Pop 1994 mp-08 300 made FIN grunge 3

MAN DINGO how`s my driving? EP Dr Strange 1994 dsr 21 f/o ps,blue wax,sticker USA west coast melody punk 4

MAN DINGO / ZOINKS! stumble EP Dr Strange 1996 dsr 47 insert USA west coast melody punk 4.00

MANDRAZH underground belarus EP (6-songs) Tian An Men 1996 tam 008 grey wax,#d/500 WRUS exotic wild belarus HC 5.00

MANGES clean cut kids EP Hangover 1999 hung 06 insert,pink wax ITA pure RAMONES style 5.00

MANSON YOUTH god`s fun children EP (5-songs) Dr Strange 1991 dsr-4 USA pure melody punk gem 6.00

MARCELLO & THE MACHINE chainsaw & broken heart / satan`s girlfriend Bad Man 1999 bm 001 #d/500 ITA twisted bluespunk 3.50

MARCH VIOLETS, THE religious as hell EP Merciful Release 1982 mr 013 m-/m- superrare UK gothic classic!!!!! 25.00

MARICHUANA m.p.v.a.a. EP (5-songs) Darbouka 1994 dar 001 f/o ps,white wax,#d/500 LITHUANIA very good exotic HC 6.00

MARS MOLES / BEZ PANIKE short songs (6-songs) Rabauz/Zivjela Kom. 1997 rr010/zk-001 2x insert,green wax,#d/1000 GER/CRO tight fast punkrock 4.50

MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT, THE suddenly sunday / tomorrow never knows Get Hip 1988 gh-110 m-/m- USA good powerpop 5.00

MASSACRE GUYS the rider EP (5-songs) Unclean 1984 ur 009 ex+/m- very rare USA pure HC massacre 30

MASSMEDIA das jazz / jag vill ingenting Mass Produktion 1979 mass z-02 m-/m- 1000 made,autographed SWE BTF punkrock pearl 100.00

MASTIC SCUM tilt EP (7-songs) Rödel 1995 r.r.11 f/o ps AUT raw grindcrust mayhem 5.00

MATT BLACK & THE DOODLEBUGS punky xmas / nightmare Punk 1976 bcs 0005 nwps/ex+ never w/ ps UK rare novelty punk gem 50.00

MAUKKA & NAHKATAKIT tahdon sotaa apatiaa vastaan / lehdet tekee meistä tappajia Love 1978 lrs 2240 ex+/ex+ blue wax FIN pure punk anthem 75.00

MAUKKA PERUSJÄTKÄ säpinää / mama Johanna 1979 jhns 112 ex+/ex- very rare FIN classic punk anthem 35.00

MD (MANISCH DEPRESSIV) manisch depressiv EP Private 1983 s-1983 m-/m 2nd ps,100 made SWI ultrarare KBD punk gem 250.00

MEAN ONES, THE sun on mun / ei teistä tuu tähtiä Rokit 1979 vd 3 ex/m- superrare FIN obscure punkrock gem 75.00

MEANFACE king of hell EP GSL 1994 gsl 002 violet wax USA very heavy grungecore 5.00

MEANFACE / WOODPUSSY GSL 1994 gsl 003 f/o ps,splatter wax USA cool grungecore 5.00

MEANIES, THE them EP Jukkim 1992 jumi-002 ltd finnish release AUS classic aussie punks 5.00

MEATFLY spilling faces EP In Your Face 1991 face 18 insert,ex-Heresy UK ultra hardcore smasher 6.50

MEATY BUYS new freedumb / criminal mind (``duddle´´) Disturbing 1979 bp-020279 m/m Hyperrare unplayed USA KBD punkrock pearl 125.00

MECCA NORMAL how many now? / horse heaven hills Harriet 1991 harriet010 m-/m- U.S. release CAN obscure UG punk 3

MEKONS, THE never been in a riot EP (3-songs) Fast Product 1978 fast1 ex+/ex+ truly killer UK ultimate punkrock classic 40.00

MEKONS, THE work all week / uknown wrecks Virgin 1979 vs300 ex/ex UK great second 15.00 MELMOR punk noz EP Mass Productions 1997 mass 9 insert FRA variable celtic punk w/ violin 5.00

MELTDOWN appearences are deceptive EP (4-songs) SOA 1998 soa43 insert ITALY straight edge hardcore from Rome with anger and power 5.00

MENACE punk rocker EP Knock-Out 1999 koep101 great new release UK back w/ a bang `77 punks 6.50

MENACE / LOIKAEMIE split EP (4-songs) Knock-Out 2001 koep139 insert UK/GERMANY pure streetpunkrock classic, oi! oi! oi! 5.50

MENACE DEMENT nanna / small town Vermiform 1990 vmfm 04 m-/m- f/o ps USA experimantal punk 5.00

MENTAL INDISPOSED väkivallan uhri EP (5-songs) Private 1991 suo..002 ex+/m- insert,300 made FIN angry teen @HC 10.00

MENTAL INDISPOSED mua oksettaa EP (5-songs) Private 1991 aphep91 nwps/m test press,12 made FIN rare political HC screamer 15.00

MENTAL INDISPOSED väkivallan uhri EP (5-songs) Private 1991 suo.002 nwps/m misspress of test copy FIN w/ ultra obscure b side 15.00

MEX happy life / veins Lost Moment 1981 lom005 ex/ex very obscure UK great powerpop stomper from watford 20

MICK DOREY & THE SIRENS paranoia station / jacqueline foster Illegal 1979 ils0016 ex/ex UK obscure powerpop beauty 15

MICKEY & THE BIG MOUTHS / THE PROCESS, split EP (5-songs) Six Weeks 1996 sw-13 f/o ps USA fast HCpunk smasher 5.00

MIGRA VIOLENTA / CUCSIFAE nacer, crecer y vivir resistiendo... EP (9-songs) La Resistencia/No Fashion 2000 nfep-011 f/o ps ARGENTINA killer hardcore experience 8.00

MIK MONTO häiriöitä / koulussa Love 1979 lrs 2265 ex/ex superrare,aka Sehr Schnell FIN killerpunk classic 100.00

MINDSUCK / UNARMED how many gods... EP MCR 1997 mcr-104 f/o ps JAP/SWE ultra crustcore battle 6.50

MINOR THREAT live at the buff hall EP (7-songs) Lost & Found 1988 lf 002 ex/ex+ recorded 20/11/82 USA S.E.HC classic group 10.00

MINOR THREAT salad days EP Dischord 1985 dischord 15 m-/m- poster USA original SEHC pearl 20.00

MIGUEL COMPANY asemalla / velihopea Private 1989 mqc9301 ex+/ex+ 2-300 made FINLAND rare obscure gothic punker 10.00

MISSING THE SCENE essen aus frust EP Hrorst Hrubesch 1986 hhr 001 m-/m- insert GER rare & great KBD style 15.00

MOB ACTION back to the streets EP (6-song) C.S.Productions 1994 cs 003 f/o ps,sticker USA ultrarough HC killer 5.00

MOBILE MOB FREAKSHOW, THE teenage trash messiah EP (3-songs) Incognito 2002 inc.126 tough vocalist SWEDEN strong n` wild punkrock experience 5.00

MODEL miks` ei äitis nuku jo? / soitan kitaraa Round 1979 rs-002 m-/m- 200 made FINLAND rare obscure melodypunk-powerpop stomper 50.00

MODELS, THE freeze / man of the year Step Forward 1977 sf3 ex+/ex+ killer classic UK brilliant punkrock pearls 25.00

MODS, THE hageshii amega / two punks Epic 1983 07-5h-173 m/m f/o ps,innersleeve JAP superrare melody punk 75.00

MONKEY BUZZNESS / PRIMATE 5 dead satellite / soylent green Rockin` Bones 2001 ron048 500 made USA great garage punk experience 4.00

MONSTER X leap of faith EP (6-songs) Anomie 1996 put 012 f/o ps,`93 recordings USA SEHC killer from NY 5.00

MOPOT erilainen tyttö EP (also known as "mopot EP") Suomu 1980 mopot-1 ex+/ex+ insert,400 made FIN BTR#7 punk classic 200.00

MORBID ORGANS MUTILATION war EP (7-songs) Rödel 1992 rr-10 f/o ps,`91/92 recordings JAP nippon ultracrustcore 5.00

MOTHERS AGAINST SEX ASSOCIATION, estonian karaoke EP Crawfish 1995 fish-004 500 made FIN experimental noisepunk 5.00

MOTORBREATH rock n` roll band EP Aparat 1998 500 made.Motörhead SWE meets Hellacopters 6.00

MOTOSIERRA / THE TRASSELS split EP (4-songs) Bad Attitude! 2002 badat!-003 yellow wax,500 made,finnish release URUGUAY/FINLAND high octane action rock blaster 5.00

MOTOSIERRA give me the money!! EP (4-songs) Bad Attitude! 2003 badat!-006 finnish release URUGUAY high octane action punkrock blaster 5.00

MOTÖRPUSSY rock `n` roll, asshole! EP (4-songs) Incognito 2000 inc123 GERMANY holy testicles! kicks ass punkrock blaster in yer face 5.00

MOURNING AFTER, THE doin` me in / out for the count Detour 1994/96 dr 017 Sheffield Mods UK cool garage sound 5.00

MOURNING AFTER, THE you`re lying / what`s goin` down Detour 1995 dr 033 hammond howls UK and scooters rollin` 5.00

MOURNING AFTER, THE day tripper / she means nothing to me Detour 1999 dr072 graveyard growler UK sheffield Mods 5.00

MOUTHBREATHERS / FLICK SWITCH split EP Smog Veil 1992 f/o ps,red wax USA tough experimental emocore 5.00

M:PATI råpunk EP (7-songs) Bim 2000 bim001 f/o ps,sticker SWEDEN fast as shit crustcore headbanger 5.00

MR. CALIFORNIA & THE STATE POLICE same EP (10-songs) Scarey 1999 scr003 f/o ps,300 made USA noisy weird punk smasher 5.00

MRTVÀ BUDOUCNOST / PANGS OF REMORSE split EP (15-songs) Insane Society 1996 insert,white wax CZECH REPUBLIC extremely crustgrind hell 5.00

MUDDLE the beginning EP Punishment 1997 pr 001 f/o ps,clear wax ITA great Vegan Edge emocore 5.00

MURDER-SUICIDE PACT lobotomy kit EP Burrito 1998 br-9 f/o ps,grey wax USA rough attitude raw HC 3.50

MURDERERS, THE no more rules EP (8-songs) Havoc 1997 hc7009 poster ps,red wax USA political crustcore headbanger 3.50

MUTT retro EP (4-songs) Peter Bower 2001 pbr001 insert,500 made UK amazing killer punkrock blaster like a time travel straight back to the early 80`s 4.50

MY 3 SCUM food, folks & guns EP Smog Veil 1992 sv6 f/o ps,red wax USA experimental punk 5.00

MY 3 SCUM fall of the house of scum EP (5-songs) Smog Veil 1994 sv9 f/o ps,white wax USA rougher & faster punk 5.00

MYRROS katoava karu EP Private 1994 myrrec-1 f/o ps,300 made FIN primitive punkrock 10.00

MYSTREATED, THE (what`s in) your mind today / i`ll be there Detour 1997 dr 054 UK melodic Mod classic 5.00

MYSTREATED, THE contrasts [I`ve got plenty] / right here Detour 1998 dr060 UK british Mods 5.00

MÄDELS NO MÄDELS take that! EP Incognito 1998 inc.111 insert GER great pogo punkrock 5.00

MÖRDER deathlike silence EP (5-songs) Hepatit D 1999 hd012 f/o ps,400 made SWEDEN anti-cimex type hardcore holocaust 5.00

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