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100.000 BODYBAGS last of the new wave / love is dead Weird 1997 weird 10 insert UK killer `77 style punk 3.00

180* IN OPPOSITY I`m a fucker EP Private 1998 op 01 insert ITALY pure punkrock blaster 3.00

3-WAY CUM battle of opinions EP (8-song) Sound Pollution 1993 pollute16 f/o ps SWEDEN ultra Crustcore bang 5.00

4 ON THE FLOOR comp (Alcohol Funnycar,Treepeople,Dirt Fishermen,Gnome) EP C/Z 1993 cz055 m-/m- red wax USA grungepunk 10.00

440`S, THE gas grass or ass EP (3-songs) Rockin` Bones 2001 ron028 comic booklet ps,500 made USA great kick ass punkrocknroll blaster 4.00

9 SHOCKS TERROR mobile terror unit EP (4-songs) Havoc 1999 hr7022 f/o ps,grey wax USA noisy political crustcore 3.50

A.G.ALOE new comer is my boom EP Nat 1997 nat-010 f/o ps JAPAN fast screaming HC 6.00

A.Y.F. BANDS CREW, THE comp EP (Abuso Sonoro,Personal Choice,Electric Sickness etc) Elephant 1994 ele 003 f/o ps,#d/500 BRAZIL political @crust/HC 7.00

ABSENTEES, THE tryin to mess with me / f.u.m. (fuck you mary) U.G. 1981 806 nwps/m- 106 made,insert,5x gig flyer,only few copies with this stuff!!! USA KBD#7, one of the RAREst US punk rock 7"!!!!! 2000.00

ABSTURZENDE BRIEFTAUBEN krieg in den stadten EP Weser 1993 2467-7 sticker GER cool anti-nazi punk 4.00

ABUSERS, THE she`s easy EP Demolition Derby 1997 dd 034 blue wax,500 made NOR great `77 punkrock 5.00

ABUSO SONORO prisoes EP (7-songs) Panx 1996 pp030 insert BRA political crust mayhem 5.00

ACCION MUTANTE fear EP Skuld 1996 skuld024 booklet,sticker GER political crustcore 3.00

ACCIONE MUTANTE must be stopped! EP (4-songs) Ken Rock 2002 ken25 500 made SWEDEN very noisy garage punknroll blaster with Dead Moon cover song 4.00

ACRYLICTONES, THE a place i used to know / john Detour 1996 dr040 UK mods,hammond sound 5.00

ACTIVE MINDS behind the mask EP Loony Tunes 1993 tune 27 insert,poster ps UK political anarcho HC 5.00

ACTIVE MINDS the lunatics have taken over the asylum flex7"EP Loony Tunes 1994 tune 29 f/o ps,insert x2 UK 5-songs 3.00

ACTIVE MINDS / UMBRELLA TRIBE violence for peace? EP Maloka 1997 mal006 poster ps UK/SWI ultra political @HC 3.50

AD NAUSEAM brainstorm EP Flicknife 1983 fls 212 ex+/ex+ french pressing UK brilliant streetpunk gem 20.00

ADAM & THE ANTS antmusic / fall in CBS 1980 cbs9352 ex/ex dutch pressing, promo stamp UK great glampunk gem 5.00

ADOLF & THE PISS ARTISTS heroes? EP 45 Revolutions 1998 45r-1 f/o ps,insert USA good streetpunk/oi! 5.00

ADOLF & THE PISS ARTISTS this is your law EP 45 Revolutions 1999 45r-5 f/o ps,insert USA strong new streetpunk 5.00

ADVERTS, THE safety in numbers / we who wait Anchor 1977 anc 1047 m-/m- UK punkrock classic 20.00

ADVERTS, THE no time to be 21 / new day dawning Bright 1978 br 1 ex/ex+ UK truly punk anthem 15.00

ADVERTS, THE television`s over / back from the dead RCA 1978 pb5128 ex+/ex UK original punkrock classic 15.00

AFFLUENTE logica dominante EP SOA 1995 soa 15 insert ITA S.E.HC killer 5.00

AFFLUENTE moltitudine suina EP (9-songs) Applequince 1995 aq 001 f/o ps ITA S.E. headbanger 5.00

AGAINST ALL HOPE breaking through EP Round Flat 1990 rfr-001 f/o ps,500 made USA rare S.E.HC killer 5.00

AGATHOCLES / LES BAUDOUINS MORTS chop off their trust EP (4-songs) Bomb Sabam 2003 lbm01 poster sleeve BELGIUM raw n` rough mincecore attack 5.00

AIM, THE call your name / out on the street Detour 1994 dr018 mods from london UK Jam style power chords 5.00

ALCOHOLICS UNANIMOUS santa claus d.w.i. EP Brilliancy Prize 1989 bpr005 white wax,#368/500,insert USA drunkpunk classic 10.00

ALCOHOLICS UNANIMOUS the ten commandments of drinking EP Brilliancy Prize 1990 bpr006 gold wax,500 made,insert x2 USA rare rough drunk punk 10.00

ALCOHOLICS UNANIMOUS alcotopia EP Brilliancy Prize 1990 bpr 001 m/m insert,sticker USA pure killer drunkpunk 8.00

ALCOHOLICS UNANIMOUS the mold / corporate ladder Brilliancy Prize 1991 m-/m insert,big booklet USA raw redneck drunks 10.00

ALCOORE terra das flores EP (6-songs) Rage Prod. 1993 rpr 002 500 made POR political ALF HC 2.50

ALICE DONUT demonologist / boyfriend Alternative Tentacles 1990 virus 83 USA weirdo punk 5.00

ALICE IN WASTELAND bleeding / smell of earth Hiljaiset Levyt 1990 hiks-021 500 made FIN great power pop 2.50

ALICE IN WASTELAND humanizer / guess i`m falling in love Hiljaiset Levyt 1992 hiks-030 500 made FIN classic power pop anthem 2.50

ALIEN BLOOD TRANSFUSION ilsa / don`t talk to me 5" Acme 1998 acme 2e 4 diff. f/o ps,125 each USA brilliant `77 style punk 5.00

AL PERRY losin` hand / 39 pairs of shoes Demolition Derby 1995 dd028 500 made USA good cowpunk ballad & rocker 5.00

ALTERNATIVE SYSTEM no way for life! EP Darbouka 1996 dar 005 yellow wax,300 made BRA political anarcho HC 5.00

AMAZING SCREAMING WILLIES, THE specky four eyes EP Weird 1991 weird002 500 made UK melodic punkrock 4.00

AMEN feikki EP (7-songs) Crash Mag 1991 crash-2 m/m patch,f/o ps,original 1st pressing FINLAND rare in yer face crustcore headbanger 15.00

AMEN feikki EP (7-songs) Crash Mag 1991 crash-2 Swedish release, red n` black sleeve, 2nd pressing FIN rare rough crust 10.00

AMP, THE god & everybody / queen obscene revisited Futuremusic 1993 fm 010 HOL grunge 3.00

ANAL MASSAKER ka-ka! EP (19-songs) Schnauf 199? s-03 m/m #303/400,insert GERMANY rare horrified grindnoisecore smasher 15.00

ANAL TERROR komm zu uns, sei mit dabei EP (5-song) Palme 1997 palme 07 insert GER tight punkrock w/ ska parts 5.00

ANAL THUNDER / NO REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE have a hangover with... EP (5-songs) Kidney 2001 kdn06 #d/1000,booklet,insert FINLAND/USA refreshing strong hardcore battle 5.00

ANGELIC UPSTARTS never `ad nothin` / nowhere left to hide WEA 1979 k 17476 ex/m- UK punkrock classic 15.00

ANGELIC UPSTARTS out of control / shotgun solution WEA 1980 k 17558 ex-/m- UK 15.00

ANGELIC UPSTARTS we gotta get out of this place / unsung heroes WEA 1980 k 17586 ex/m- UK 15.00

ANGELIC UPSTARTS last night another soldier / the man who came from the beano EMI 1980 z 7 ex/m- UK streetpunk anthem 15.00

ANGELIC UPSTARTS i understand / never come back EMI 1981 z 22 vg/ex- UK top street credibility 7.00

ANGELIC UPSTARTS i understand / never come back EMI 1981 z 22 ex+/m- UK 15.00

ANGELIC UPSTARTS never say die / we defy you EMI 1982 z 28 vg+/ex+ `progression` UK not their best 10.00

ANGELIC UPSTARTS woman in disguise / lust for glory Anagram 1982 ana 3 ex/ex+ back again... UK pure punkrock $ 15

ANIMALIA comp EP (Hylkiö,Piina,Fauna,3rd World Disease) [7-songs] Merwi 1993 merwi-003 ex+/ex+ poster ps FINLAND animal rights benefit HC sampler 10.00

ANTABUS hellraiser EP (4-songs) Hepatit D 1998 hd008 f/o ps,900 made SWEDEN anti-cimex type crustcore slaughter 5.00

ANTI-PASTI four sore points EP Rondelet 1980 round 2 ex+/ex+ UK classic 80`s punk 20.00

ANTI-X inkubation & legislative EP (5-songs) Halb7 1999 halb24 insert,500 made GERMANY cult punks from behind the iron curtain,great `77 style & vocalist sounded like Attila The Stockbroker 5.00

ANTiSEEN masters of the sky / 1969 Pits Bull 1993 pbr 011 1000 made,Belgium rel. USA 10.00

ANTiSEEN / RANCID VAT kill the business / h.h.h. Rave 1990 rave 014 insert,2000 made USA killer rednecks 12.00

ANTiSEEN / RANCID VAT funk u / portrait of a real american hero Ruff Nite 1996 rnr-003 insert,white wax USA snot punk stomper 6.00

ANTISOCIAL to many people / lets have some fun Beat The System 1982 fit 2 ex/ex rare 2nd single UK streetpunk classic 25.00

APOCALYPSE BABYS shootin` from the hip EP Weird 1995 weird 008 insert UK great new punkrock 4.00

APOCALYPSE BABYS nuclear rain / does your mother know Therapeutic 1999 tic-001 500 made,USA rel. UK pure great powerpop 4.00

APOCALYPSE BABYS apocalypse now EP New Lifeshark 1998 nlr 017 insert UK furious melodic punk 4.00

AQUI D`EL ROCK eu não sei / dedicada Metro-Som 1979 sing 121/s ex/ex PORTUGAL megarare KBD punkrock pearl, just fucking amazing classic second single by these portugese punk gods, comped on KBD#007 sampler 175.00

AQUI D`EL ROCK eu näo sei / dedicada Metro-Som 1979 sing-121/s ex+/m- megarare, original promo insert,only FEW copies with this PORTUGAL brilliant killer punkrock blaster OFFERS

ARGH!...A BRANTFORD COMP comp EP (Twerps,Mistaken Conspiracy,Outcast,Young offensive Soap & Spikes 1998 f/o ps,insertx2,red wax CAN megafast new HC 5.00

ARMED FORCE popstar / attack Private 1979 af-1 ex+/ex+ 500 made,megarare UK PT#3 punkrock pearl 90.00

ARMITAGE SHANKS living is the best revenge / one chord wonders Vinyl Japan 1994 pad 15 b= Adverts cover UK noisy punkrock basher 5.00

ART ATTACKS, THE (TAGMEMICS) chimneys EP Index 1980 45003 m-/m- insert,superrare UK electropunk classic 60.00

ASSHOLES, THE revenge of the kung-fu punks EP Valium 1997 krk 001 ITA `77 style punk stomper 4.00

ATTACK & DECAY squirrel sonatas in the key of c EP (8-song) Spam Dagger 1992 miscs9282 f/o ps,insert,500 made USA strong HC slam 5.00

ATTACK FROM THE BOTH SIDES comp EP (Face To Face,Psycho Tribe,No Fraud,Rhythm Collision) Stiff Pole 1993 spr 005 f/o ps,insert USA very good punkrock 5.00

AUGUST SPIES cherry pez EP (9-song) Rodent Popsicle 1996 rpr 011 f/o ps,500 made USA top HC headbanger 5.00

AUTOMATICS / STINKING POLECATS, sai baba built my hot rod...EP (5-song) Saucer Rex 1999 sr05 f/o ps,500 made USA/ITA tight & fast punk blaster 5.00

AUTONOMY a faction of mercy EP (6-song) Mass Media 1997 mmr 9 poster ps,red wax USA very political @HC 4.00

AUTORITÄR deaf & blind EP (10-song) Rödel 1998 rr 15 f/o ps GER pure fast swede Dis 3.50

AWKWARD SQUAD waking up the dead EP Alternative Action 1989 a.a.004 500 made,ONE in stock!!!!! FIN raw psychobilly killer 20.00

BABELSBERG PÖBELZ beware! it`s änglish EP (4-songs) Halb7 1999 halb23 insert,777 made GERMANY working class oi! oi! oi! from potsdam 5.00

BAD ATTITUDE a long way... EP (6-song) X-Mist 1986 xmd 003 m-/m- booklet GER strong HC attack 5.00

BAD ATTITUDE inner motives EP (5-song) Real World 1987 rwr 005 ex+/ex English rel. GER strong HC attack 5.00

BAD TASTE siempre EP (6-song) Panx 1996 pp033 f/o ps FRA snotty 80`s style HC 3.00

BADTOWN BOYS borrowed time EP (3-songs) Dionysus 1990 id074509 ex/m- insert,violet wax USA amazingly great melody punkrock stomper from california 10.00

BAGS, THE hide & seek / i know Stanton Park 1989 stp-013 m/m 500 made USA tough garage punk 10.00

BAGS, THE l.frank baum / max roach Stanton Park 1991 stp-018 ex/m ltd redwine wax USA tough garage punk 10.00

BAITERS tryggare kan ingen vara / tomhet MNW 1980 mnw 57 ex/ex+ superrare killer SWE Bloodstains punk gem 50.00

BALONEY HEADS, THE i`m a drunk EP No 1980 nr12007 m/m superrare,unplayed USA BAMidwest classic 200.00

BAM BAMS, THE batman EP (4-songs) Gonna Puke 1999 gpr003 great female vox,Italian only release GER brilliant punkrock 4.00

BAMBI MOLESTERS coastal disturbance EP Plastic Bomb 1996 pb 008 blue vinyl,500 made CRO garage punker 4.00

BANNED, THE little girl / c.p.g.j.`s Harvest 1977 har 5145 no ps/ex+ label ps / xerox UK melodic punk 5.00

BARSE better be ready EP (4-songs) Hell`s Tone 2003 htr003 red wax,500 made,finnish release UK brilliant `77 punkrock street cleaner, very great job, keep up the same level Vesku 5.00

BATMAN PUKE living in fear EP (5-songs) Plastic Bomb 1998 pbr-020 insert,#d/1000 GER early 80`s style HCpunk 3.00

BAZED word for revenge EP (6-songs) Grey Days/Halla 1996 halla 002 f/o ps,300(?) made FIN local emocore 5.00

BBQ YOUNG / THE BUNNY BRAINS tribute to gg allin EP PBR 1993 pbr 010 insert USA antiseen members 10.00

BEAVER trendy EP Choice Guts 1981 est-21 m/m insert,300 made USA superrare HC pearl 60.00

BEAVERS, THE / GAUNT rock `n` roll / ohio Demolition Derby 1993 dd003 500 made BELGIUM/USA great snotty garage punk n` roll 5.00

BEEKEEPERS, THE platform 5 EP Rundown 1981 ace 40 m/m 500 made,very rare UK powerpop/punk stomper 45.00

B-GUM JUSTICE all & everything / wobble Planet Of Noise 1995 pon 004 1000 made SWEDEN strong new punk 5.00

BIG BOBBY & THE NIGHT CAPS story of my life EP (3-songs) Rockin` Bones 1999 ron004 500 made USA great trashy punknroll straight from the garage 5.00

BIG CHIEF one born every minute EP Sub Pop 1993 sp 229 m-/m- ex-Necros USA typical SP stuff 10.00

BIG DAMN CRAZYWEIGHT might as well / off that cow Sub Pop 1992 sp 173 m-/m ltd gold wax USA typical SP grunge 10.00

BIG GULP we came to play EP (7-songs) Vandal Children 1991 nh6 f/o ps,insert,500 made USA tight CTHC slam 6.00

BILBO she`s gonna win / you wanna be your lover Lightning 1978 lig 548 no ps/ex released w/o ps? UK rare rock punk 20.00

BILLYBOY E LA SUA BANDA morte e chupa-chupa EP (5-songs) Durango 95 1998 bb 02 AC/DC cover tnt ITA piacenza skinheads Oi! 7.00

BINGO (we`re gonna) kill your family EP Hate 1996 hate 6 insert,500 made ITA killer `77 punk w/ Huns cover 5.00

BITCH BOYS häftig fredag EP Slick 1979 slick-7 vg+/ex+ superrare,tos SWE Bloodstains punk gem 60.00

BLACK FLAG louie louie / damaged I Posh Boy 1981 pbs13 ex/ex+ rare original 1st pressing USA a truly punkrock masterpiece with vocalist Dez Cadena 40.00

BLACK MARKET BABY / OUTPATIENTS battle between the giants EP (6-songs) Private 1982/90 m-/m- insert,#224/500 USA great punkrock rarity 25.00

BLACK STAR BRIGADE coming thru the airwaves EP (5-songs) Cut Throat 2003 cut-001 f/o ps,blue wax,insert USA very tough streetpunkrock stormtroopers from texas 4.50

BLACK STAR BRIGADE coming thru the airwaves EP (5-songs) Cut Throat 2003 cut-001 f/o ps,clear wax,insert USA very tough streetpunkrock stormtroopers from texas 4.50

BLANC ESTOC susser die gläser nie klingen / holy bootboy 7"PD DSS 1995 dss95300 very limited picture disc AUSTRIA killer skinheads Oi! Oi! Oi! 10.00 BLIND FLIES electroshock therapy EP (4-songs) Pappa & Ciccia 2000 500 made ITALY pure Queers/Ramones style melody punk 4.00

BLIND OBEDIENCE submit to the yoke EP (7-songs) Hepatit D 1999 hd010 f/o ps,clear wax,100 made SWEDEN hard as hell crustcore slaughter 7.00

BLINDSPOT / MUGGLES split EP (10-songs) TVG 1996 tvg 8 f/o ps GER/BEL extremely grind power violence hell 3.50

BLOCKED, THE plastic punks EP (3-songs) Detour 1996 dr046 UK powerful brilliant welsh modpunk classic 5.00

BLONDIE kidnapper / cautious lip Toshiba 1977 wwr-2037 m/m unique japanese pressing w/ lyrics USA rare powerpop classic 40.00

BLOODY SODS / STOOL SAMPLE strenght thru porn EP (6-songs) Private 1998 f/o ps,300 made USA very tough streetpunk killer 10.00

BLOODY SODS hate of mind EP (5-songs) Mad Skull 1999 mad1 f/o ps,sticker USA killer streetpunk stormer 5.00

BLOWHARD home made hell... EP (3-songs) Splurt 1990 blow003 very limited AUSTRALIA cool punker with horns 5.00

BLOWTOPS, THE / DIXIE BUZZARDS mister macabre EP (4-songs) Rockin` Bones 2001 ron036 500 made USA noisy horror echo 6Ts punk sounds 4.00

BLUE MOON BAND hate you, want you / wild weekend Beast 1980 beast 5 m/m special ps,200 made USA killed by death punkrock as it`s best, a truly melody monster from Worchester 100.00

BLUTO`S REVENGE slammed EP (6-songs) Synthetic 1990 s-009 m-/m- 10" sleeve,insert,sticker USA great melodic punkrock 10.00

B-MOVIE RATS teenage queen EP (3-songs) Dead Beat 1997 db16 insert USA new killer pUnK,rocks like a catepillar,just great!!! 5.00

BOLLOCKS, THE meditteran EP (8-songs) Fetal 1983 303027 m/m insert,300 made USA superrare hardcore stormer 40.00

BOLLWEEVILS, THE chicago EP (3-songs) Dr Strange 1993 dsr19 f/o ps USA melodic punkrock 5.00

BOLLWEEVILS, THE / THE 4-SQUARES carol EP (4-songs) Dr Strange 1996 dsr46 insert USA fast melodic punkrock 4.00

BOLSHEVIKS, THE cabbage in mind EP (5-songs) Dr Strange 1990 dsr2 insert,red wax USA rare great punkrock 5.00

BOMBRAID elegies from a cosed chapter EP (6-songs) Crash Mag 1994 crash4 f/o ps SWEDEN ultra crustcore headbanger 5.00

BOMBSHELL ROCKS radio control EP (3-songs) Stereodrive! 2000 std007 german pressing SWEDEN probably the best punkrock band at the moment out from sweden, a top killer!!! 8.00

BOOT DOWN THE DOOR amigos EP (6-songs) Spock Prod. 1995 spock23 poster ps,500 made GERMANY very political discore hell 4.00

BORIS THE SPRINKLER huumeet & masturbaatio EP (3-songs) Killer 1995 kill007 insert,315 made,red wax,finnish release USA famous punkers 6.00

BOX OF FISH sex cat killer / erosion Method 1983 mr10 ex/m- rare & very limited AUSTRALIA great punkrock 40.00

BOYZ NEX` DOOR she`s so bad / wrecked on you Reverendo Moon 1997 rm-3 300 made ITA great `77 style punk 5.00

BOZO same EP (6-song) Scindesfaizz 1998 szz 1703 ex-F.D.C. ITA driving political HC 3.00

BRAINDRAIN apina EP (8-songs) Arctic Jive 2000 ajep004 insert,violet wax,400 made,ex-AWKWARD SQUAD FINLAND local psychobilly hooligans rare killer 6.00

BRATS / TYRANTZ b-brains / vivian wants to dance CBS 1980 pro102 ex/ex promo only,dutch release DENMARK extremely rare punk 75.00

BREAD & WATER strenght in numbers EP (6-song) Private 1999 bread 001 20-page booklet ps USA political ultra @HC 4.00

BREAKDOWN hangin` at wrsu EP (8-song) Special Forces 1998 sfr-3 f/o ps USA classic SEHC group,last copy! 7.00

BREAKING THE SILENCE comp EP (Instigators,Homo Picnic,Kazjurol,Quod Artcore 1987 acr 002 ex+/ex+ poster ps,yellow wax,ltd INT cruel HC sampler 10.00

BRIARD fuck the army / product of the tv-generation Poko 1978 pis 009 ex+/mint- 300 made FINLAND hyperrare punkrock monster featuring Andy McCoy, comped on Back To Front #2 sampler $ 250

BRIARD chirpy chirpy cheep cheep / superstars Love 1979 lrs2241 ex/ex+ green wax,megarare FINLAND ultimate punkrock killer with Andy McCoy 150.00

BRIARD rockin` on the beach / miss world Love 1979 lrs 2266 m-/m- hyperrare last single FIN impossible to get!!!!! 500.00

BRIARD [PETE MALMI] car! / can`t say no Johanna 1982 jhns225 xerox/ex+ 3rd solo single by Briard madman FINLAND superrare great rocker 20.00

BRIARD [FAST BEETHOVENS] in all big cities / allright Johanna 1983 jhns521 m-/m- ex-Briard,radio station promo,label ps FINLAND megarare killer rocker 100.00

BRIDE JUST DIED we are the hungry EP Neat Damned Noise 1998 ndn 14 #d/500,red wax UK horrorpunkrock from birmingham 5.00

BRILLIANT CORNERS, THE big hip / tangled up in blue SS20 1984 ss 22 ex+/m- rare indie UK garage punk 8.00

BRISTLE cause of our pain EP (6-songs) Havoc 1993 hc7004 f/o ps,grey wax USA political crustcore hell 4.00

BRISTLES, THE boys will be boys EP Rockin` Rebel`s 1984 bpas2 ex+/ex+ insert,superrare SWEDEN tough punkrock gem 75.00

BROKEN we`re fucked!! EP Blind Destruction 1997 bdr7006 insert USA brutal HC headbanger 5.00

BROTHER INFERIOR bound & gagged EP (6-song) Sensual Underground 1995 ep005 f/o ps,poster USA political @ HC slam 4.00

BROWN LOBSTER TANK static EP Dr Strange 1995 dsr 29 insert,sticker x2 USA great melodic punk 4.00

BRULBÅJZ dödens apostlar EP Prylen 1980 pryl 001 m/m f/o ps,500 made,megarare SWE BTF#6 punk gem 275.00

BRUTAL tappavat pisarat EP (6-songs) Kahlenukke 1988 reaktio-6 ex/mint- insert,test pressing,12 made FINLAND super rare HC killer a`la early KAAOS 25.00

BULEMICS, THE [w/ TEXAS TERRI] product of america / tie me up Scarey 2000 scr005 f/o ps,500 made USA great rockin` punkrock blaster from austin,tx 5.00

BUNNY GENGHIS children under 12 / u-100 GSL 1994 gsl-001 insert,pink wax USA sick porno punk 4.00

BURNT, THE the m.p. EP Mutha 1983 ex+ insert,300 made USA only rare ps,NO record 20.00

BUSINESS, THE harry may / national insurance blacklist Secret 1981 shh 123 ex+/m- rare original UK streetpunk classic 25.00

BUSINESS, THE smash the disco`s EP (3-songs) Secret 1982 shh132 ex+/ex+ original UK rare streetpunk classic 20.00

BUZZCOCKS you say you don`t love me / raison d`etre Liberty/United Artists 1979 bp 316 ex/ex+ UK 12.00

BUZZCOCKS i believe / something`s gone wrong again I.R.S. 1980 ir 9010 ex/ex rare US release UK 20.00

BUZZCOCKS why she`s a girl from the chainstore / are everything Liberty/United Artists 1980 bp 365 ex+/m- UK 12.00

BUZZCOCKS running free / what do you know? Liberty/United Artists 1980 bp 382 ex-/m- last single UK 12.00

BUZZCRUSHER scorin` dope from bikers EP Ruff Nite 1997 rnr 006 insert USA rough streetpunk stomper 5.00

BUZZCRUSHER / SEDUCER cut off at midnight / deeds of the damned Ruff Nite 1996 rnr 004 insert,green wax USA rough cool streetpunk 5.00

C-MEN the wicked EP Pure Vinyl 2000 pv 016 blue wax,500 made SWE great punkrock blaster 5.00

CADILLAC sweatbrains / heute abend Titan 1977 tts002 ex+/ex+ only few hundred made FINLAND obscure superrare killer punkrock classic, comped on KILLED BY DEATH #33 100.00

CAEN S`EST TU? VOL.2 comp EP (Doc Ivy,Hypnosis,Lost Tribe) Private 1998 insert,white wax FRA variable punk stuff 3.00

CANDIRIA deep in the mental EP Devastating Sound 1995 dsw-001 f/o ps,red wax USA rare strong doomed NYC core 10.00

CAPITOL PUNISHMENT two-party system EP Stage Dive 1983 sd 1 m-/m- f/o ps,rare original USA great classic HC slab 25.00

CAPTAIN SENSIBLE & THE SOFTIES jet boy, jet girl / children of the damned Poker 1978 pos15077 ex+/ex+ superrare dutch only release with newspaper clippings UK original unique punkrock classic & very hard to find, rumour=comped on coming BATW#3!!! OFFERS

CARNIVAL OF SOULS soul train / morphina Aroma 1989 lg 006 m-/m- #975/1000,clear wax USA motor city punker 7.00

CARRY THE DAY magic EP HSI 1998 high 1 red wax GER great melody punkrock 3.50

CARTOON ROCKERS prostitute / boys from the bronx Poko 1984 pis143 m-/m- 300 made,ex-Widows FINLAND megarare punkrock monster what rocks like a streetroller 150.00

CATLANTIC RECORDS compilation (Limousine,Jyrki O. Anttila,Breadcrumb Vergers) EP Catlantic 1977 crs-001 no ps/m- 100 made,Hyperrare FIN pre-Kollaa Kestää project 200.00

CAUSE & EFFECT silence EP Panx 1995 pp027 insert FRA cool S.E. HC slam 3.00

CAVE DOGS, THE the hellraisers EP Kill Yourself Punkar 1997 kys 003 insert,#d/666 ITA wild garage punk 4.00

CHAOTIC DISCHORD fuck the world [five past 1977] EP (3-songs) Riot City 1982 riot10 ex/m- original UK shitrare chaos punk masterpiece 25.00

CHEAP `N ` NASTY covergirl EP Smashstick Plastics 1981 smaspla 1 ex/ex+ booklet,1000 made HOL BTF#6 killer punk gem 90.00

CHEATERS, THE it`s your move / a guy like me Wasp 1982 cht-001 m/m don`t wait rocket price USA awesome powerpop gem 50.00

CHEATIN` HUSSIES i don`t want to talk to you EP (5-song) Rock Action 1997 rar001 insert,very ltd USA like early Queers!!!!! 5.00

CHELSEA war across the nation / high rise living (remix) Step Forward 1982 sf 21 ex/ex UK another punk killer 15.00

CHILDREN`S CHANNEL motherbitch EP Wax 1994 wax001 poster,ps,sticker,#d/1000 ITA weirdopunk w/ megaphone 3.00

CHINA STREET you`re ruin / (i wanna be) your m.p. Criminal 1978 crm1 ex/ex+ f/o ps,very rare UK good punkrock 20.00

CHINESE MILLIONAIRES, THE white collar criminals EP Demolition Derby 1997 dd 038 ltd white wax USA 6.00

CHINESE MILLIONAIRES, THE this is the criminal element EP Demolition Derby 1997 dd 039 ltd blue wax USA great new punk 6.00

CHINESE TAKEAWAY the plastic passion EP New Lifeshark 1997 nlr 016 2x sticker SWE great glampunkrock 3.50

CHOP SUEY / TEENAGE KICKS split EP (4-songs) Maho Pop/Rubber Rabbit 1996 insert FINLAND great action rock blaster with Ramones cover 5.00

CHOREA wir können nicht nur von alten... (8-song) Anomie 1997 put 022 f/o ps,insert GER ultra Crust headbanger 3.00

CHOSEN, THE new world / doesn`t matter anyway Detour 1995 dr028 UK punky sounding mods 5.00

CHRONICS test tube baby / calling all cardinals Nuclear 1978 nuke 101 ex/ex superrare Ohio killer USA KBD Punkrock classic 75.00

CHURCH OF CONFIDENCE ... get down on your knees and pray! EP Knock-Out 1999 koep093 great killer!!! GER melody punk w/ 77 sound $ 4.00

CIRCLES, THE private world / all or nothing Detour 1999 dr073 very good melodies UK brilliant legendary Mods 6.00

CITY X ude af drift! EP (3-songs) Irmgard 1980 irmgs102 ex+/ex+ f/o ps DENMARK truly punkrock gem,comped on Bloodstains Across Denmark sampler 200.00

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE in a few hours of madness EP Havoc 1993 nc 7002 f/o ps,insert USA raw political crustcore 4.00

CIVIL DISSIDENT first blood EP (3-songs) No Masters Voice 1985 007no1ex+/ex+ poster ps,300 made,original 1st pressing AUSTRALIA one of the rarest & best hardcorepunk slabs out from kangaroo land ever 100.00

CLIQUE, THE save me / the fish down gina`s Detour 1996 dr044 feat. Alex Petty UK 6T`s hammond sound 5.00

CLIQUE, THE hello sunshine EP Detour 1998 dr062 farewell release UK great british Mods 5.00

CLIT COPS, THE come to daddy EP Intensive Scare 1997 isg 001 insert,German release USA tough pure punkrock 5.00

CLÄK tehdasvartijan työ EP (10-songs) Private Pressing 1981 cläk-81 m/m poster ps,200 made FIN rare obscure punk rock, 000 members 175.00

CLÄK äiti potki meidät himasta EP (6-songs) Maaemo 1982 maaemo2 m/m poster ps,300 made FIN shitrare punk rock gem w/ 000 members 150.00

CNT mitaleja EP (6-songs) Stigma 1985 JO-1 foldout ps with lyrics, original 1st pressing FINLAND pure hardcore mayhem with ex-RIISTETYT members 17.00

CNT mitaleja EP (6-songs) Stigma 1985 JO-1 original 2nd pressing FINLAND pure hardcore mayhem with ex-RIISTETYT members 10.00

COCKNEY REJECTS flares `n slippers EP (3-songs) Small Wonder 1979 small19 ex/ex 1st killer release UK legendary Oi!punk pearl 23.00

COCKNEY REJECTS we are the firm / war on the terraces EMI 1980 z10 ex/m- rare 7th single UK classic Oi!punk treasure 20.00

CODE 13 they made a wasteland & called it peace EP (13-songs) Havoc 1996 hc7008 f/o ps USA pure crustcore mayhem 4.00

CODE 13 a part of america died today EP (13-songs) Havoc 1998 hc7016 f/o ps,blue wax USA political crustcore statement 5.00

COFFEIN BOMB sometimes EP New Lifeshark 1999 nlr 024 500 made GER great `77 style punk 3.50

COLLECTORS AKA suntanned racists / no regrets no doubts FTR 1995 ftr 001 500 made UK melodic punkrock 3.00

COMMANDOS / CRAZY JACK & THE AUTOMATICS suburb rock EP (4-songs) Beast 1980 beast 4 nwps/g[plays ex] 200 made,gigarare USA killed by death punkrock ultra smasher 250.00

COMPOS MENTIS from behind the wall EP (5-song) Private 1986 comp 001 ex/m- poster ps,300 made NZ great angry punk gem 50.00

CONCRETE SOX the new EP Data 1999 data 008 700 made UK HC legends are back 5.00

CONFLICT the house that man built EP (4-songs) Crass 1981 221984/1 ex+/ex+ poster ps,original 1st pressing UK superrare anarchopunk pearl 20.00

CONFLICT to a nation of animal lovers EP Corpus Christi 1983 christ 4 ex+/m- poster ps,original UK rare political alf HC 15.00

CONFLICT the serenade is dead EP Mortarhate 1983 mort 1 ex/ex+ insert,original UK rare political HC 15.00

CONFLICT this is not enough / stand up & fucking fight Mortarhate 1985 mort 8 ex/ex+ poster ps,original UK just as above 15.00

CONFLICT the battle continues EP Mortarhate 1985 mort 15 ex+/m- insert,original UK more political HC 15.00

CONFUSION hopeless EP (7-songs) Amok 1989 amok005 m/m white wax,200 made,sticker,f/o ps,insert COLOMBIA very rare insane hardcore smasher 15.00

CONSTRICTED all confusion EP (3-songs) Destroy 2002 des003 red wax JAPAN in yer face hardcore holocaust 5.00

CONTEMPT justice for who? EP Data 2000 data 012 500 made UK new british streetpunk for all skins,punks,herberts & hooligans 5.00

CONTROL MECHANISM i`m target EP (13-song) I.O.D.S. 1998 iods-002 f/o ps,#d/200 FIN ultrabrutal crustcore 5.00

COOL GHOUL lazy fascist / power dub (version) Cool Ghoul 1978 cool 001 nwps/ex+ never w/ ps UK superrare punker 40.00

COPY MASTER five by x EP (4-songs) Little People 1999 lpr005 HOLLAND guitarist of punkrock kings NRA doing his singer-songwriter thing 3.00

COPYRIGHT suck on this, baby! EP (7-song) Private 1995 ccc 001 f/o ps FRA strong weird crust hell 3.50

COUCH POTATOES square EP Weird 1995 weird 006 insert,500 made UK melodic new punkrock 3.50

COURT METRAGE, comp EP (Blanks 77,Beyond Description,No Fraud+13) Panx 1994 pp023 insert,very rough stuff INT punk/crust/HC sampler 3.00

COWSLINGERS old one eye / heyday Demolition Derby 1995 dd022 500 made USA great psychobilly by traditionally way 5.00

CRANK earthquake EP Revolution Inside 1996 ri28 f/o ps GER usa type emocore 2.50

CRAVING the poor ray EP Revolution Inside 1996 ri26 f/o ps,sticker,insert GER mindblast noisepunk 2.00

CREEP no pain / words Sub Pop 1992 sp169 ex+/m ltd pink wax USA typical seattle sound $ 10

CRIME KAISERS, THE how does it feel / I don`t like Incognito 2000 inc124 GERMANY great rockin` punkrock blaster in the truly incognito style,good job 5.00

CRIMINALS, THE morning after 7"PD-EP Rhetoric 1997 rh 35 insert,picture disc USA pure punkrock blaster 8.00

CRIPPLE BASTARDS / I.R.F. good taste in assholism EP MCR 1998 mcr-119 insert,11-songs ITA/JAP ultra grindcrust storm 10.00

CRIPPLED HEROES cycle of oppression EP Diabolarchy 1998 dr 003 f/o ps USA political crust mayhem 4.00

CRISIS OF SOCIETY freedom`s luxury EP (6-song) Wij Bezeiken Je 1992 wbjr 001 insert,6x ALF sheet HOL political HC attack 4.00

CROP DOGS, THE the first mission EP Round Flat 1996 f/o ps USA typical new HC 2.50

CROWN ROAST enemy EP Unclean 1995 ur-035 promo copy USA DWG type noisepunk 5.00

CRUCIFIED, THE let the kids play EP Power 1977 pr-41368 xerox/ex+ insert,superrare USA KBD#8½ punkrock gem 60.00

CRUDE B.E. alptraummerkmale EP (13-songs) Merciless 1999 cbe03 insert x2,card,booklet ps GERMANY political in yer face crustcore 4.00

CRUDE B.E. / LAST MINUTE PERFORMANCE CREW split EP (12-songs) Merciless 1999 110 insert GER pure power violence hate 4.00

CRUDE B.E. / G.H.L. benefiz fur die ezin EP (15-songs) TVG 1998 tvg 6 f/o ps GER insane grindcore massacre 4.00

CRUNCH rock `n` roll doping EP (9-song) Private 1999 tohc 006 booklet,promo sheets ITA variable twisted hcpunk 4.00

CRUSADERS, THE she wants more EP Hellfire Club 1999 hfc 7004 french release AUSTRALIA great Radio Birdmen style 5.00

CTHC THEN & NOW, comp EP (Reflex From Pain,Violent Children,Dead City,SS & Flywheel) Flex/TPOS 1992 flex 6 nwps/m- never w/ ps,freebie USA rare S.E. HC slam 7.00

CUMBRAGE / DISMACHINE split EP (12-song) Your Own Jailer 1995 jah 004 f/o ps,500 made SWE ultra dis/crustcore 5.00

CURBS, THE slacker EP Braindart/Farmhouse 1995 bd/fh 002 insert x2,sticker USA good new punkrock 3.00

CYANIDE fireball / your old man Pinnacle 1979 pin23 ex/ex+ their 3rd & rarest UK superrare punkrock pearl 100.00

CYBERMEN, THE you`re to blame / it`s you I want Rockaway 1979 luv 002 ex+/ex+ comped on RAW & RARE BRITISH PUNK #2 sampler UK great punkrock classic 75.00

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